Are Internships Fair To The Intern?

Most college graduates have killer cover letters, glowing recommendations and stellar grade points. However, most of them miss an internship in their resume which is very important as it shows your experience in the field. So, are internships fair to the intern?


Internship opens doors to employment opportunities: 95 percent of employees take experience as a factor when making hiring decisions. The National Association of Colleges and Employers conducted a survey and found out over half of the employers preferred new-graduates with experience from co-op programs and internships. Moreover, most employees use internships as paths for hiring entry employees. Consequently, the internship can be an avenue to a job for the intern in addition to making one a more attractive employee.

Take a look at Google’s internship program

Real world experience and resume building: Joining a company as an intern gives one the opportunity to work in a professional environment. Interns gain actual work experience which helps them know more about the career path they are pursuing. Nevertheless, it is good to avoid unfair internships which are usually characterized by running errands and serving coffee in the office. In this case, it is wise to terminate the internship contract and look for a better company.

Unpaid internships are unfair to the intern to some extent. The main consideration in this type of internship is financial issues considering that student debts are relatively higher today. In addition, many students can’t cater for their expenses on their own. The situation is even worse if the internship necessitates higher cost of living like new residence. All these factors make unpaid internship very costly in the present, even though it may benefit the future.

It is clear that the advantages of internships outweigh the shortcomings. Subsequently, one can comfortable conclude that most of the internships are fair to the intern. It is essential to consider it regardless of whether you are being paid or not. It is valuable although its benefits may not be very immediate especially if it is unpaid internship.

How To Benefit The Most From Social Media Scheduling Tools?

You can use scheduling tools to get new clients. It works because you are not bombarding people with posts and can make sure you make updates at times where it’s going to reach the most people.

Automated scheduling tools are easy to use, and you can set them to make posts at different times at facebook, twitter, linkedin or other. You may want to make the times a little different each day, or it may be kind of difficult to reach out to different people. If you’re only posting at 5 PM exactly each day, you may not ever be seen by people that are at work at that time or not usually online then for other reasons. It may be best for you to post once in the morning one day and then the next day at night just to get as many people to pay attention as possible.

Take a close look at how many people comment on or otherwise interact with your social media profile. You can see the time when people posted to your status updates or left reviews and make a quick list of the times when people are posting. Then just look at what you get and if you notice that there are people clustered around time you can update your software to post then. If it’s just random, then it may mean you need to post more at different times to get more data.

The key to gaining new clients with social media scheduling tools is to make sure you find out what time people are usually online. Think about posting after most people in the area you cater to the most are off of work or have free time. Experiment for a few weeks and then you’ll know which times work the best.

Importance of SEO

search engine optimization has become an important aspect of many businesses. Many companies have grown and expanded all thanks to SEO. It is important to every business owner in NYC to understand what SEO is, and how it can help them with their business,

Search engine optimization is the process of improving search engine rankings by following some set of rules. The process involved both the website and the social presence of the business. These changes will help make the company be easily found online. Why is SEO important?

SEO can put you in front of your competitors. Many opportunities come with NYC search engine optimization and one is being in front of your opponent. With the right company and strategy, your business will be appearing before all your competitors who have not used SEO. A good SEO company will give you all the advice you will need to stay at the top of the search engine result page.

It is cost effective. SEO is way cheaper compared to other forms of online marketing such as social media marketing, PPC, or purchasing leads for an email marketing program. Search Engine Optimization provides the best Return on investment than all the other alternatives.

This marketing technique is a long-term investment — other options may seem to give results in a shorter period, but this perceived speed does not lead to long-term superiority. SEO efforts you put in now will yield some results for an extended period. SEO will remain to be the bedrock of your online presence.

It’s time to control your image online. With SEO, you can control the profile of your business online. When people go to search engine and do a search for your company, they will find what you want them to find. Any negative stories or reviews can easily get out of the first page and help you improve how your business is viewed online.

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Are You Considering The Upcoming NYC Tech Conference

As far as technology goes, there is always something new to learn. Whether you use it continuously, or just from time to time, having the necessary knowledge to keep up with the times is crucial to getting ahead. If you use technology at work, at home, or both, you can learn a lot at the upcoming NYC Tech Conference. So, are you planning on going? If not, maybe you should be and this is why.

First of all, you will learn about the future of technology. While many of the things that will be shared are already in play, some of them are not and it may be a while before the idea comes to fruition.

Next, you will be the first to learn about the new technology that will be coming. How exciting is that? When you are the first to know, you are able to take the necessary time to study up and learn about the future. Also, you can ready your computers or other equipment for the upcoming new ideas that will be coming up.

Not only that, but you can talk with like minded people. As you discuss ideas, and questions you have, and other things of concern, it is a helpful learning tool. You can gain knowledge and share it when you are around others that think about the same things you do.

As you can see, there are many reasons you should consider the upcoming NYC tech conference. You will be able to learn about the newest technology. Talking with others will be helpful, too. If you are still not sure, why not read about last year’s conference and find out what participants had to say about their time. One thing is for sure, you won’t be disappointed.

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